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    Staff Application Template

    Post by Himiko on Mon Mar 09, 2009 12:10 pm

    If you wish to be a member of staff you must simply fill out the application form below.

    Username: Your username on the forum
    Age: Your age
    Position: The staff position for which you are applying
    Email address: Your current email address
    Moderating Experience: If you have had any prior moderating experience this may set you at an advantage. Post a link to the site you were/still are moderating, your username there and the staff position you were filling.
    Although this may set you at an advantage do not automatically assume you have the position if you have had prior experience. Also, if you have not had any prior moderating experience you can leave this blank, do not think if you have not had any prior experience you won't be accepted.
    -Stay Active
    You must remain an active member of the forums if you are a staff member, of course we don't expect you to be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but please keep that in mind. If you will be inactive for any time please feel free to create a thread in The Farplane as this would explain to the other members the reasons of your inactivity.
    -Spelling and Grammar
    Although this seems a little bit unnecessary it is a requirement. Although by no means we expect everyone to have a complete understanding of the English language please use correct spelling and grammar the best you can and try to refrain from slang as this can seem unprofessional.
    Your duties as a member of staff will include:
    Handing out warnings/infractions to any members that break the rules.
    Moving any threads/posts to their right sections if posted in the wrong section.
    Keep your section as tidy as possible, there's nothing worse than an untidy forum.

    If you have no prior experience do not worry as our staff will train you the best that they can.

    Good luck to all our applicants!


    My thanks go to Lew for the sigs and avi.
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