Ideas For The Next Game


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    Ideas For The Next Game

    Post by Himiko on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:39 am

    Any ideas for the next Dynasty Warriors game? Which would be 7. monster
    Mine are as follows:
    - More weapons (4th, 5th etc)
    -More stages
    -Musou modes for all characters, there was nowhere near enough in 6.
    -Characters who have individual movesets again
    -Putting the characters they took out back in, it was quite pointless. >_>
    -Bring items back, I missed them. :O
    -Bodyguards, (not that I used them, it was just a nice thing to have, and they were good cannon fodder xD)
    -Bring VS mode back, it's fun when there's two of you playing. Tongue
    -Don't rush it as you did with 6 -__-


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