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    Reputation System

    Post by Himiko on Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:44 pm

    Well, forumotion has had an update, so we thought we should make the best of this. monster
    So I introduce the reputation system to FE. Now, here is how it works:

    ^On the left there is a small "+" and "-", clicking on these will raise reputation positively and negativley respectivley, so if I click on the "+" the following should happen:

    Then if you check again you should see that the user has a green or red bar, green means that this person has had lots of or more good than bad rep and red for bad to good rep.

    Don't abuse this system please people, it is a privilege, if you start messing with it I won't hesitate to take it off.
    You've been warned. Nazi Monster


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