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    Section Description

    Post by Himiko on Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:57 pm

    Here you can keep your character's categorized into a thread.
    These threads are only for the thread creators to post in, this is the only section where double posting is allowed, it is so you can keep all of your character bio's in one place.
    You should lay it out as follows:
    Character 1 (Number your characters as so for easier categorization for easier efficiency)
    RP: (The RP your character is in, if this is a character in progress or one that you're planning on using at a later date in a new RP put "N/A".
    Then post your profile here..

    Just a note, one character per RP, one character per post in this section, each post is for a different character, if you have edits to make edit the post.
    Any unnecessary new posts will be merged... Meaning if you make a new post to just add details to a profile then this will be merged to said profile to make the section clean.


    My thanks go to Lew for the sigs and avi.
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