Freddy's Character Profiles.


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    Freddy's Character Profiles.

    Post by Bahamut on Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:55 pm

    Character 1.
    RP: Final Fantasy IX: New Terra

    Zora Carol

    Job Class:




    Theme Song:
    Natural Selection (Arc: Twilight of the Spirits)

    Zora has long blue hair, green eyes and stands at 5'6" tall. She has a horn on her forehead that she uses to communicate with her Eidolon. As for clothing, she likes to wear traditional Summoner's Robes, they are orange in colour and are quite fitted against her slim figure.

    "Flute of Heaven" This particular flute allows the owner to learn the Auger Shell Melody and increases magic defense for the owner.

    Zora uses flutes which are light and are used in battle as an instrument, they provide various effects such as dealing damage or providing support. The Flute is also used for to help to communicate with the Eidolons.

    Most Summoners from Madain Sari have the added ability of being able to use White Magic. Zora, however, is unable to use and learn White Magic, the reasons behind this are unknown she has spent most of her days within the Alexandrian Library trying to learn White Magic. She has recently found a new skill which allows her to perform melodies for various effects and results, at the minute she has only learned one melody.

    The ability to perform melodies that have various offensive and defensive effects.

    "Auger Shell"
    Name: "Shell"
    Description: A Magic field envolopes the targets providing them with a Shell casing that reduces magic damage.

    The ability to call on Ancient creatures known as Eidolons and summon them to your side in battle. They have their own unique abilities, which which alternate from offensive to defensive effects.

    Name: "Healing Dust"
    Requirements: In order to summon this Eidolon the Jasper gemstone is required.
    Description: 3 Pixies float above the party sprinkling them with curative Pixie Dust.

    Name: "Diamond Dust"
    Requirements: In order to summon this Eidolon the Opal gemstone is required.
    Description: Cold air is the sign that this Eidolon is close by, she drops the temperature around her targets encasing them in a block of ice. A click of her fingers is loud enough to shatter the ice and damaging her targets.

    Born and raised in Madain Sari, Zora has only just turned 18, she has fully come to terms with her Summoning abilities and having an Opal allowing her to summon the Eidolon Shiva and a Jasper allowing her to make use of Sylph's healing capabilities.

    She yearns to have the power of even more Eidolons. Growing up she has been told stories of her ancestor Eiko and friend, Garnet, the only other Summoner of that time. The Eidolons they once had have now been scattered around the world, and Zora wants to collect them all so they do not fall into the wrong hands.

    Zora often goes to Alexandria but her adventurous spirit has gotten her into more trouble than she would care to admit, but she would just duck out of harm's way and try and retreat.

    For her 16th birthday she was given an Opal Gemstone and wondered what the point of it was until she realised this allowed her to summon Shiva. And recently she acquired a Healing Gem from Alexandria allowing her to call forth the summon Sylph. She has learned that if an Eidolon does not wish it, you will not be able to use it's power, which she just associated it to being a security measure after what happened when the Eidolons were used for mass destruction, causing cities, settlements and villages to be decimated. This nearly wiped out the entire Summoner race, luckily that was not the case.

    Zora also goes to Alexandria to try and learn how to use White Magic, although she has yet to develop this skill she has learned to perform a Melody on a flute. She has not truly given up on learning White Magic but she is focusing on learning Melodies as this would make her more unique than the other Summoners.

    The Villains of Final Fantasy -

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    Re: Freddy's Character Profiles.

    Post by Bahamut on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:26 pm

    Character 2
    RP: Final Fantasy 7: Another Way

    Name: Raiden Calmcacil

    Age: Raiden is actually 450 but doesn't look a day over 19

    Race: Elven

    Side: A good character that has not chosen to align with anybody, he is a loner by nature.

    Gender: Male

    Magic: Fire

    Precision - increases Accuracy
    Fire - Level 1

    Strengths: Accuracy is Raiden's friend. He has a higher accuracy statistic than most people, this has by thanks to his intense training that he has undertaken.

    Weaknesses: Magic is Raiden's weakest skill is Magic.


    Primary Weapon:
    Hunter's bow - a longbow made of Alderwood, the bow is the just as tall as he is, but is very easy to use, well for him anyway since he's been fully trained in the art of archery.

    Secondary Weapon:
    Dual Sais - Concealed in his boots these are mainly used defensively in close range battles. He uses the blades to deflect attacks and he is also known to use the handle itself as a weapon by holding the blade and thrusting the handle into his opponents.

    Personality: Raiden can be quite timid, since he is not used to be around people, but once you gain his trust he is polite and friendly and a little hyperactive.

    Theme Song The Corrs - Haste To The Wedding

    Appearance: Raiden is 5'10" tall with long blonde hair and large elven ears, when entering a human populated area his long hair can help to hide his lengthy ears to avoid commotio for the civilians and help him to blend in. He has blue eyes and light skin. He likes to wear a dark green coat, a brown pair of pants and a pair of tan boots. He is muscular in build and has blessed with great beauty considering his age.

    History: Raiden's origins lie in the village of Wrymwood a village that lies somewhere to the south of Nibelheim. The village is hidden from Human Eyes and only people of elven blood can find the village or even have knowledge of its existence. Ever since leaving the village Raiden has been travelling the world living in forests, He tries to avoid human towns if he can, but it is not always possible.

    The Villains of Final Fantasy -

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