Cait Sith's Character Bio's


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    Cait Sith's Character Bio's

    Post by Himiko on Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:50 pm

    Character 1
    RP:FFIX: New Terra

    Vitanus Orniter

    Job Class:
    Black Mage




    Theme Song:
    Phase 1: Fortification (Thirty Seconds To Mars)

    Vitanus sports a large, brown and very stereotypical black mages hat, he also has small yet baggy blue and white striped pants and red gloves. His attire is very similar to one of his ancestors, Vivi Orniter, one of the people in the actions of 150 years previous. He has yellow, glowing eyes and his face is unseeable, his hat is never removed, a common thing with Black Mages, it's as though the hat is attached to their head.

    Wooden Staff, a plain wooden staff that is rarely used in battle, it is used as a defensive mechanism also to block from enemy attacks.

    Hurls a small fireball at the enemy.
    Attacks the enemy with ice.
    Directs a lightning bolt at an enemy.
    Attacks the enemy with small water sphere.

    Vitanus is a descendant of the well known Vivi Orniter, who helped to defeat Kuja and bring peace to Gaia. Vitanus has always read the stories of how his ancestor and his friends defeated Kuja, that being Zidane, Garnet, Eiko, Quina, Steiner, Amarant and Freya. He has always wondered if there was another like him, another descendant of one of these legendary people, he thought there must be someone who was like that, who had inherited their powers.
    Vitanus had always wanted to learn more in the ways of black magic, he was quite inept at the art, and he wished to become just like Vivi, he always saw him as a hero of sorts who he always looked up to and strived to be like. Being like he is has left him to be a very nervous person and gets ashamed of himself when he always goes nervous and gets lost for words, he always thinks that Vivi would look down on him with shame, but he never knew that Vivi was very much the same, so there may be hope for Vitanus yet.
    Vitanus lives at Quan's Dwelling, the place where Vivi had once lived, he lives there in seclusion from the rest of the world and makes trips to Treno once every so often to buy things with money his father had left him.
    He wishes one day to travel the world and see what's really out there, Vitanus is a very curious person who wishses to better himself at every oppurtunity.


    My thanks go to Lew for the sigs and avi.
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