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    RP Rules

    Post by Himiko on Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:56 pm

    Here are the RP rules:

    -No Spamming
    Do not spam the RP area, it is not a spam area, spam needs to go in the spam which is in no way connected to the RP area, posts are expected to be about 1 paragraph (4 lines) long at least, if there are any posts shorter than this the poster will be warned.
    -No Flaming
    Pretty much the same as the original rule, no flaming of any members, unless this is in the RP itself and it's your character's actions.
    -No Power Playing
    Power playing is basically writing RP posts where your character is "nigh on invincible" as such, please make it fair to your fellow RPers and do not do this, it creates an unfair advantage and any posts seen doing this will be warned and/or deleted.
    -No God Modding
    God modding is where you determine the actions of another RP's character, you cannot, under any circumstances control the actions of another character unless you ask them first either in the discussion/sign up thread or in a private chat.
    Also, don't forget that normal forum rules still apply during RP's also. monster


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