Final Fantasy's Weakest Link


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    Final Fantasy's Weakest Link

    Post by Bahamut on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:29 pm

    Okay here's the deal. This is basically a trivia game that tests you knowledge and ability to research.

    To play this game it is very simple, you need a Game Host and players obviously. I like to work with at least 10 players but we can sort something out if it is less than that.

    In order to play, you just need to choose 1 character... Any character you have lots of choices to choose from throughout the whole series and you will be playing as that character for the duration of the game. You can only change your character once the game has finished and the next one starts.

    The Game Host will write 5 questions per round and PM them to all of the players, the players will be given a deadline in which the questions need to be PMed back to the person who sent them out. Each question is worth a maximum of 20%. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a score of 0 or an automatic elimination (It all depends)! If you have trouble meeting the deadlines please contact the Game Host and they may be able to sort something out.

    Once the answers have been PMed to the Host the score is then posted in the WL thread.

    At the end of each round, the players will Vote for one member to be eliminated from the game. Voting can be based on Lowest or even Highest Score. Votes can even be decided entirely random whether you write the names of your competition down and pick a name out at random. How you vote varies from each individual. So it's you choice who you decide to vote for.

    Votes are also PMed to the person who is running the game. Then the person, once all the votes are in, will announce who the Weakest Link is for that particular round. The Weakest Link is elimintaed based on a majority of votes for that round, so it is possible to have a majority without having all the Votes. ALL votes are confidential and no matter how much you ask if anyone voted for you, you should not be told this.

    In the event of a tie, there are multiple possiblities. A Sudden Death round could be sent out to the Tied players, these Questions can be about the topic or about absolutely anything and the person who gets the lowest score from these questions will be eliminated. OR a re-vote can take place where the none-tied players vote for the tied players (Tied players cannot vote) - this would be my first choice to break the tie, I would only do a Sudden Death round if absolutely necessary.

    This process continues till there is only 2 players left. Then in the Final Round the person with the highest Score will be VICTORIOUS!

    When you are looking for answers you have the whole Internet at your disposal!!!!

    That is all you need to know... Any questions? No? Good, it means I have covered EVERYTHING! Yes? Feel free to ask me, I can then add it to this post.


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