What Did You Think Of This Game?


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    What Did You Think Of This Game?

    Post by Himiko on Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:32 pm

    Did you enjoy playing this game?
    Did you hate it?
    What are your personal views on this game?
    Elaborate on your posts please people and provide reasonable explanations as to why you do or do not like this game.


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    Re: What Did You Think Of This Game?

    Post by FadedMemory on Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:50 pm

    I liked this game as well Very Happy.
    I like the whole lugana dream thing it's very interesting getting to see what it was like in lugana's POV.
    Although i didn't like Squall's attitude >_> it was rather annoying.
    I liked the junctioning part of the game. To me it was really something cool and i like how most the aeon's you get they already have favorites xD
    I also like the story line sort of. with the whole issue on edea and how shes really being
    I also like how you could draw magic and things like that pretty awesome Very Happy
    Good game good game ^_^


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    Re: What Did You Think Of This Game?

    Post by Bahamut on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:11 pm

    Ok, the Eighth instalment of the series, what have we got instore for us on this adventure?

    Ok the graphics are good, the characters have a great storyline behind them too. I like the storyline behind Edea and the sorceresses.

    Triple Triad - Once I got the hang of the rules this was really addictive, like Tetra Master on FFIX I really enjoyed this mini game!

    The battle system... Limit Breaks are awful!!! You have to look out for a tiny little easy to miss grey triangle that if you do miss doesn't come back right away! Pointless!!!

    Draw system... What a terrible idea? So if I don't have a stock of the magic I can't use it? It's MAGIC! Not ITEMS for crying out loud!!!

    The Guardian Forces (GFs) I really like these, but what is this compatibility feature? So I use an item to increase how they like me and it makes them attack quicker? That's interesting... Wait, I increase one and the others get jealous and don't like me as much!?

    Junctioning... Ok so I junction my magic to my stats to increase them? But, I have to have a stock of magic first anyway and then if I lose the stock of magic through consumption it effects my stats?

    Ok so there are more things in this game that I dislike, it's not good! I completed the game but only to say I have... I won't be starting this again anytime too!

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    Re: What Did You Think Of This Game?

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